Thursday, 14 May 2009

Happy Birthday Andy!

Here's just a quick post to tide me over until Sunday, when I'll be finished my first exam. However, I did take a break from revision today to make something, so they'll definitely be a post coming up soon. :)

This past Tuesday it was my dear friend Andy's birthday! It sucks to have your bday during revision week, but that's how it is and people still managed to get together to have a bit of fun. I know this is a baking blog and what I'm about to show you is not technically baking, but I think it still is fun and creative. :) Andy's mum was up over the weekend visiting and she left him a myriad of cake, icing, and other sweets to decorate said cake. She also left him an amazing card which was our inspiration.

The result? A delicious, sugar headache-inducing cake with no square inch of icing left uncovered. I think if there is a heaven, it will definitely be filled with cakes like this one.

Happy Birthday, Andy!

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  1. Oh this totally brought a smile to my face :)